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Live Bingo Network - 6 years , 51 sites and counting...

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This week the Live Bingo Network has been launching press releases as though they were fireworks on bonfire night. The big 'news' is that the network has reached 51 white-label partners.

Clearly, from a business point of view this is quite a feat and I'd be very quick to congratulate them, after all this growth securely positions the group as the second largest bingo network in the UK market, coming second to the indisputably giant, Dragonfish network.

'The network is now 6 years old and in this 6th year the group has 'launched' (churned out?) 26 new sites'

Also in the 'news' story, it's announced that the network is now 6 years old and in this 6th year the group has 'launched' (churned out?) 26 new sites, bringing the total to the aforementioned, juicy sum of 51.

The companies Managing Director, Neeraj Jha was eager to state, 'The 6th year anniversary celebration is a great opportunity to share our growth story. This month, we proudly complete 6 successful years in the UK online bingo industry. Over the next 12 months, we will continue to evolve features and functionality of our gaming products and build strong strategic partnerships to grow our business'.

END PRESS RELEASE QUOTE! All of what Neeraj said is good and well, but from a players point of view, are 51 sites really such a great thing? After all, it's not as though they really offer anything different to each other. Do they?

Ironically, the Five Step magic guide below, taken from the homepage of the LiveBingoNetwork pretty well answers that question. It really is moreorless a case of, select a theme, select a name, and go live. I'm being harsh, the process is far more complicated and comprises of a gruelling 5 steps. 10 lashings for me.


Live Bingo Network


But are these five steps really creating anything 'magical' for new bingo players? We suspect that unfortunately the answer may be no. Don't get me wrong, we happilly review and promote bingo sites that hail from this network here on Free Bingo Land, we tend to give them fairly good reviews too. After all there is nothing really 'bad' to say. In fact, after complimenting/criticising their theme and name, making the same points about the software and networked promotions, it's really a case of struggling for anything to say.

 Actually, stop and rewind, there is a slight lie in that last paragraph, after all, critisicing and laughing at some of the names can consume a good couple of paragraphs. It seems some people invest more time in 'Step 1' than others, no names mentioned!

Anyway, back in the day when Landmark Bingo was launched this was one of the first sites I'd ever played at. I thought the site was pretty great with it's London theming, a theme which even stretched to influencing the names of the bingo rooms, a nice touch. At the time I had no problem writing an excellent review on a bingo portal of that era (don't ask me about that site now), but here in 2015, 40+ sites later, I'm a bit bored of these brands and if I'm bored, what about the players?

Hmmmm, I think they're pretty bored too:

Live Bingo Network review

Source: Which Bingo. Note: markers hide negative comments that aren't for discussion here.


And I'm not the only reviewer who finds reviewing these sites a sleep inducing task:

Loquax Review

Source: Popuplar bingo authority, Loquax.


But all things being equal,  with 1000's of players seemingly online at pretty much any time, this is a popular network that must have it's share of fans.

Live Bingo Network player numbers

Source: Landmark Bingo, inside player area. 

Written for Free Bingo Land by Tom Waite.