IMPORTANT: T&C's apply to all offers advertised. See website for full T&C.
IMPORTANT: T&C's apply to all offers advertised. See website for full T&C.

Spin the Wheel Bingo Sites - Top 10

Spin the wheel is becoming increasingly common, it’s available right across the 15 Network and other bingo sites such as Wink Bingo. Browse through our top 10 sites which offer a spin the wheel bonus.

Wink Bingo

Win up to £1,000.

£15 Guaranteed!

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All Stars Bingo

 Spin Wheel for upto £2,500!

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Lucky Rainbow Bingo

Will you win £2,500 and find the pot at the gold at the end of the rainbow? £5 Minimum Guaranteed.

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Rocket Bingo

Blast off by winning up to £2,500 at Rocket Bingo. (£5 Minimum guaranteed).

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Clover Bingo

 Spin Wheel for upto £2,500!

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Charity Bingo

 Spin Wheel for upto £2,500!

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Landmark Bingo

Spin the wheel once per day at Landmark for special rewards!

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Top Tip:

When choosing a site to play at a good equation is this: 

‘Free Money on Offer’ + ‘Deposit Bonus size’ + ‘Minumum Spin the Wheel bonus’ = ‘Your signup deal’…

Although you could of course win more on the wheel, following that equation should avoid disappointment. 

More about the Spin the Wheel feature...

Bingo sites are always trying to find new ways to entice players, that’s because the bingo market is incredibly competitive with some 300 sites being available!

One of the more recent methods that has been introduced is the “Spin the Wheel feature”. This is a system where after depositing; players get a chance to spin what tends to looks like a fairground pinwheel. Wherever the wheel stops is the amount of funds that get credited to the players account.

Why do bingo sites offer Spin the Wheel?

Spin the wheel is a great idea by the bingo companies. They can offer you the chance to win £1000’s, but really the likelihood is that you’ll probably walk away with between £5 and £20. At 15 Network sites like Rocket Bingo, the advertised offer is ‘Spin the wheel for upto £2,500’, a pretty awesome amount of potential- and of course, in the same way as you may win a raffle, you could be lucky!

How come it always lands on the lesser prizes?

Computerised odds! If you look at the wheels, such as the one below, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there is just as much chance of it stopping on £5 as there is of it stopping at £2,500 – if this was a real life pin wheel, with no bias, you’d be right, but as we said, computerised odds take control. These computerised odds mean that someone has set the % of the times the pin wheel should stop on each segment.

We can’t comment on the settings of individual bingo sites, we don’t even have that info, but we can say for sure that the % for £5 is much, much greater than the % for £2,500!

Play with our wheel..

 If you want to play with a wheel which gives you points which count towards prizes without spending money,  become a member of Free Bingo Land by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button.  You’ll find our wheel in our games lobby. Or if you'd prefer to play for real money, visit one of spin the wheel sites above.